The 2011 Winners

The Roberts Family

The Design Wish Team and the Roberts Family

The Design Wish Team and the Roberts Family


In 2011, we chose to offer our support to a Branford family who suffered a devastating loss in their lives. Here is their story told by mother and grandmother, Peggy A. Maier…

Deb Roberts and her four sons lost husband and father, Steve Roberts at 43 years old, this August after fighting Stage IV Esophogeal cancer in 2009 and surviving Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in his twenties. Steve was an amazing and dedicated father, husband and physics teacher. Due to health issues, life insurance was minimal. Deb at 43 now needs to provide financially, physically, and emotionally for her four boys ages 17, 12 and 9. Two of the boys are twins hopefully heading off to college next summer. Having a serene redesigned space would give Deb a place to catch her breath and find solitude to rejuvenate each day. With finances very short and debt beyond their means, I hope you can consider Deb and her boys as worthy of your design efforts.

The Roberts were more than worthy of our efforts. Though a room makeover can never take away the pain of their tremendous loss, we hoped that their redesigned space would give them some sense of peace, as well as the comfort of knowing that people who genuinely care about their circumstances were here to support them during this difficult time in their lives.